CFG_logo_200Welcome to the Future Group’s website. We are based in Tarland, and aim to make science and technology accessible by providing scientific talks and activities locally.

To provide our local talks and activities we work with the outreach section of the University of Aberdeen and the Aberdeen Science Centre .

See our take on the Emerging Technologies and give us your feedback. We have put this up to stimulate discussion. There is lots of talk of job losses due to new technology, but there are also big opportunities for you and your children. Are they learning the right skills though? Go and have a look and see what you think.

Looking for summer activities : download the Aberdeen Summer Children’s Workshops run locally or see our Ranger Page 

Want to see what we’ve been doing over the last year? Then see our Annual Review 2016 2017

Want to join our e-mail list so we warn you of up-coming events, email us at info@futuregroup.org.uk

Are you a retired scientist or technologist? We are looking for help with running after school science sessions and holiday workshops. We would welcome anyone who has a passion for their topic. We are looking for both ex-researchers and science teachers, as well as those who have hands on engineering, computing and technical skills. Your input can be as flexible as you like, either helping us design sessions or running a session or two. You never know, we might even aspire to Robot Wars with your help! Contact us on the email address below.

Looking for links to other science sites and resources? Look for the “LINKS” section at the end of each page or click on the links inserted into the text.

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