8th Oct. 2018 : Head in the Clouds, equates to Weather Wise

The setting of the Howe of Cromar, surrounded by mountains and hills, has impacts on the local weather. This  can produce stunning skies, and understanding the clouds can contribute to being weather wise. 

Deeside Gliding Club to the south of the Howe has the reputation of producing the best soaring flights in the UK with the record gain of height. in 1995 of 37,730 feet (11500m) nearly 9,000 feet (2743m) above the height of Everest; so how was this achieved? 

Sue Heard is a glider pilot who delivers presentations on meteorology and a former Teaching Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, with a lifetime interest in climate, weather and clouds.  Sue will interpret some of the fabulous skyscapes over the Howe of Cromar, with reference to global and local weather patterns. 

19:30 : MacRobert Hall, Tarland, AB34 4YL