3rd. June, 2019 : Special event : Cancer : The local paradox


For some time Dr. Peter Murchie and the Academic Primary Research Group, have been pursuing a programme of research which has highlighted that rural people are at a disadvantage when they develop cancer. This has been brought together in a global systematic review which they hope to publish shortly.

They have also unearthed a curious paradox with respect to cancer mortality locally, which seems to suggest that in the Northeast of Scotland rural-dwellers are actually diagnosed and treated more quickly than those from the city but are still more likely to die within one year of diagnosis. They have some theories about why this might be and would be interested to air them with some rural dwellers.

They have been exploring these in some ongoing research, the preliminary results of which will be ready by early/mid 2019. Further, they’ve also developed some digital interventions which they believe, in future, could be brought to bear in engendering greater equality.

So come and listen and participate in this special event covering :

1. Global view and potential mechanisms

2. The local picture

3. Digital solutions and the future (potentially with a demonstration)

Followed by a facilitated discussion with the audience.

3rd. June, 2019 : 19:30 pm, MacRobert Hall, Tarland Square, AB34 4YL