School Science Clubs

We aim to support our local schools with STEM activities and run a range of activities throughout the year when invited to do so. We also loan out our equipment to schools to support their in-house activities.

We also are currently running after school science clubs with Tarland (including Logie Coldstone) Primary Schools and Towie Primary School. (We could run a lot more if we had more volunteers available during the daytime.)

Our after-school Clubs are open to children in classes 5 to 7 from age 8 and are focused on ensuring that children get :

  • A good understanding of the concepts that underpin science and technology
  • Hands on experience of carrying out experiments

The Clubs are volunteer led Clubs under the school’s supervision and insurance. Timings are:

Towie Primary School : 3:45 to 4.45 pm every Tuesday.

Tarland and Logie Coldstone Primary Schools : 3.30 to 4.30 every Thursday (based at Tarland Primary)

Please contact the school office for the parental permission form or contact us directly by emailing to