In-School Activities


Chemistry workshop

Sampling aquatic life

We aim to support local schools and we are currently running after school science clubs with Tarland (including Logie Coldstone) Primary Schools, Towie Primary School and Craigievar Primary School. These are open to children in classes 5 to 7 / from age 8 and are focused on ensuring that children get :

  • A good understanding of the concepts that underpin science and technology
  • Hands on experience of carrying out experiments

The Clubs are a volunteer led Clubs under the school’s supervision and insurance. Timings are:

  • Craigievar Primary School : 3.30 to 4.30 every Monday.
  • Towie Primary School : 4.00 to 5.00 pm every Tuesday from 31st October.
  • Tarland and Logie Coldstone Primary Schools : 3.30 to 4.30 every Thursday (based at Tarland Primary)

Please contact the school office for the parental permission form or contact us directly by emailing to

Our approach is designed to complement what is taught in the classroom so we tackle science that is both on the curriculum as well as not on the curriculum. We hope to encourage your children to find science, mathematics and technology easy, fun and endlessly fascinating. Our job is to make difficult concepts easy to understand. We use a project for the year and this year’s project is :

Save the Planet

the 2017/2018 project was the Mars Project :

Mars Project Brief

Gone to Mars : Mars Project results and letters to and from NASA and SpaceX