Science Clubs 2018/2019 Project


Last year we went to Mars, and inspired (as so many have been) by the Blue Planet, we now turn our attention to what we can do to help our own planet solve its big four problems :

  • Climate change driven by excessive carbon dioxide emissions
  • Loss of species and habitat – loss of biodiversity
  • Pollution of the atmosphere, land, and seas
  • Rapid population growth which drives all of the above problems

So we have set the following challenges to the science clubs :

  1. Investigate bioplastics – alternatives to using plastic. Make items from bioplastics and check their properties and ability to degrade naturally.
  2. Look at typical plastic waste. Find alternative ways of using it that slows its entering into, or totally removes it from, the environment.
  3. Carry out a review of the energy used by our school including carrying out a thermal energy loss survey. Make recommendations on how to reduce our energy use.
  4. Design a way of removing small particles of plastic from the sea powered by wave motion.