Climate Change

Detail from poster explaining how greenhouse gases trap heat

The climate change posters were developed as a resource for teachers and climate change groups. They pull together the critical information in two areas :
1. On the science of climate change – all these posters have blue to red headers.
2. On the green technologies that help families move away from using fossil fuels. These are aimed at domestic level solutions.

You are welcome to download and use this material which was funded by NESCAN. The posters themselves are designed to be printed out at A2 size but will scale, and we shall shortly be turning the material into a series of sessions for use by teachers with suggested activities and supporting powerpoint presentations.

The posters are :

Climate Change series (blue/red header) :

Climate Change Concepts : Explains the terms used in describing climate change – climate v weather, mitigation, offsetting, resilience and adaptation
What is Climate change? Explains how the earth’s temperature has changed and how greenhouse gases affect the temperature of the earth
What does heat do to the climate? Explains the physics of heat and how CO2 has changed over the last 800,000 years. Looks at the impacts that implies.
Why does biodiversity matter? Explains ecosystems, how they interact with weather and how they are threatened by climate change and other man-made changes.

Green Technologies series (green headers) :

Passive heating : Explains how to trap heat and keep it within a house, includes solar thermal
Generating and Storing Power : Covers solar PV and battery storage
Heat Pumps : Explains how heat pumps work
Biomass boilers and stoves : Explains log burning stoves and biomass burners and the issues arising from burning logs
Electric cars : Explains electric cars, hybrid and self-charging cars, and charging systems
What about our garden? : Looks at growing your own and bringing nature closer

Photo credits : Les & Dave Ellis, Kathy Dale, Frank Patterson, Gillian Needham, Alison Smith
Artwork : Jacob Day and Leanne Daphne Goodall