Everything Electronic Youth Club

Welcome to Everything Electronics, a multi-award winning youth club based in Tornaveen Hall in Aberdeenshire which focuses on digital skills. The Club is free to attend and it caters for ages 8 to 18.

Modern digital skills are a “must have” in many roles, and we aim to provide an introduction to the techniques and the specialised software in widespread use so that they can find their preferred career path, whether in art, sound, film-making, academia or business. What sort of skills will they need? Well a wide range :

  • A great game, cartoon, ad campaign or film starts with a story to be told, and needs characters, plot, music, artwork, coding, and animation, so developers work in technical and artistic teams all of whom use professional digital tools.
  • Engineers integrate operational systems into their solutions and need to understand how that is done. Systems Engineers and coding specialists, design and build these systems.
  • Researchers need a deep understanding of coding techniques to handle high volumes of data and they work closely with coding specialists.
  • To be successful in business, managers need a deep understanding of digital technology; digital trends and the use of AI and robotics within their business. They need to know how systems are developed and be capable of managing a systems project that could make or break their business.

So many of our activities help young people develop these skills. Above all though – we want them to have fun, and enjoy a good evening out with likeminded friends. So chilling out in the cafĂ© is fine too.

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With support from :
Everything Electronics is supported by the Rural Communities Ideas into Action fund, supported by the Scottish Government and delivered by Inspiring Scotland to encourage and support innovative approaches to community-led local development in rural communities across Scotland.