Everything Electronic

Everything Electronic is our weekly Club for age 10 to young adult wanting to learn modern skills whilst having fun. It aims to provide activities for a digital generation :

that are both fun and will help you develop your own digital and electronic skills .

A great game, cartoon, ad campaign or film starts with a story to be told, and needs characters, plot, music, artwork, coding, and animation, so developers work in teams which include both technical and artistic developers. So we are aiming to include not only  those who are specifically looking to developing technical skills, but also those interested in the arts who want to learn how they will work alongside the technical teams.

We hope to help you create your own “tech-cluster” capable of tackling and winning coding competitions and developing marketable gaming apps. Along the way, you will develop digital skills which will put you among the best paid jobs in the country, and able to join an industry that is growing at 2.6 times faster than the rest of the economy.

The Club meets on Monday evening between 6.30 to 8.00 pm at the MacRobert Hall in Tarland, which enjoys superfast wifi broadband. The Club is aimed at age 10 plus and younger members can bring a parent along to help them with their projects if they wish. To join, just turn up and find one of our volunteers.

Our young members made a video to explain about the club when asking people to support our Aviva funding application. It gives you some idea of what happens on a Monday night :


With support from mentors :