We encourage everyone to get coding as it is such a useful modern skill. To this end we have laptops pre-loaded with Scratch and Python or you can access your own on-line accounts. We can also help you with HTML the language of the internet and web-sites.

We are members of Code Club and Coderdojo, so you can have access to their full resources (which include App development projects) and participate in their competitions. Using our Marty robots, you can also learn to program a robot using Scratch, python, and C++ and with an added rapsberry pi or microbit, learn ROS and how to use v-rep.

Bring along your friends and whether you are coders or budding designers and musicians, together make a viable game or app. We will be encouraging you to enter coding competitions together.

See our course and activity schedule for the next course start dates.

Member Jamie modelled Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion and won the 2018 International CoderDojo Coding Competition