Everything Electronic – Member’s Projects 2018

Jamie with his competition winning program of Kepler’s planetary orbits.

Winner of the 2018 CoderDojo International Coding Competition (games/graphic design/animation class)

Jamie’s animation shows Kepler’s orbits in action and incorporates sliders activated by the arrow keys to allow the observer to zoom into the inner planets or out to see the whole solar system, or to speed up or slow down the speed of the animation to make it more visible.

To see Jamie’s video of his project in action click on this link :

As well as Jamie’s entries, two of our youngest members, entered a video on how they learnt to build and program a Marty robot in the robotics section of the same competition. This did not win, but here is their charming video :

Two young members explain how they built and programmed a Marty robot and show it executing the routine they designed.