Gie it some wellie

Rosie, Elissa, and Eloise (aged 10-12) are members of our Everything Electronics group, which meets every Monday evening during school term time.  

They entered the “Gie it some wellie” competition using the electronics and coding skills they’ve learned this year.  They designed an animated and illuminated boot along the theme of “how does your garden grow?” and brought it to life with an easy to use BBC Microbit. 

They programmed lighting effects to represent rain, the sun, a rainbow, and even a little worm with happy glints in its eyes.  They added a flower that grows out of the top of the boot using a small servo motor and a busy bee that flies around the garden growth.  Finally they 3D printed enclosures for the wires.  

These are just a few of the skills they have learned – in addition to digital art and music, film and animation making, coding and computer science – while having fun and spending time with like minded people.