About Us

Our volunteers are mostly retired and have a range of backgrounds, either academic, or in business or in teaching, or those whose just have great natural skills with children. All though share a passion for practical science and technology and helping our Community.

To provide our local talks and activities we work with the outreach section of the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University and the Aberdeen Science Centre . We also work closely with the STEM organisation and most of our volunteers are also STEM Ambassadors. All regular volunteers are PVG checked.

VOLUNTEERING : We can always use extra volunteers to help run our activities. Come and share your skills and help the younger generation – those who do so find it immensely satisfying and enjoyable. You do not need to have a degree, we need people who are practical and can teach practical skills.

CURRENT VACANCIES : We desperately need help in the following two areas. We have equipment, we’re prepared to invest in more, we need though some leaders in :

  • ELECTRONICS : If you are good at electronics, we need someone to lead our electronics section of Everything Electronics. The youngsters love soldering, love making up electronic projects, don’t know what to do with micro-bits and so on. Come and inspire them.
  • FILMING : We need someone to lead our filming activities. We’re fed up of learning from YouTube, we want someone who can help youngsters with all the technical aspects : lighting, editing, framing shots etc. Help us get better.

You can contact us on info@futuregroup.org.uk. Contact name : Lesley Ellis. The group meets regularly to plan our next activities.

LOCATION : If attending talks or workshops, the MacRobert Memorial Hall is on the square immediately off the B9119 in Tarland near the war-memorial. The Aberdeen Arms is visible from either direction and is on the edge of the square. There is parking in the square but also at the sports fields and the Church. The address for your SATNAV is : The Square, Tarland, AB34 4YL