Mad March Science Festival 2018

Festival Hare logo (thanks to Chris Briggs)

For the last two years we have run an annual science festival. Our aim is to inspire local youngsters towards science and to make science activities accessible in our remoter rural area. Not everyone can get into Aberdeen to attend the wonderful science programmes there, so we try and bring a flavour to our local area.

This year, it had five elements :

A programme of visits to ten local schools

A two day weekend family science festival at Aboyne, Upper Deeside featuring the University of Edinburgh’s SCI-FUN roadshow.

A one day weekend family science festival at Towie, Upper Donside.

A schedule of three talks for adults and a science activity evening for a local Drop-in Club for those on the Autistic spectrum

Despite being badly hit with snow which meant we had to reschedule virtually all of the original programme, we delivered all elements of the programme.