Course and Activity list

Autumn / Winter Terms 2020

Everything Electronics Main On-line club : weekly, Mondays 6 to 7.30 pm

Restarts : 7th September :

Project descriptions, groups, sign up and Q&A

Coding :

14th September : Intermediate Scratch sessions start with Prof. Dave – make “Spaceships” a Star Trek themed version of “Battleships” and develop a two player game where one option is to play against the computer.

14th September : Python sessions start with Gary – learn or develop your Python and prepare to do battle with the “Advent Challenge”.

26th October : Brebas Coding challenge – preparation session with Prof. Dave.

2 November : Brebas Coding Challenge – supervised entry session with Prof Dave

After Christmas : Unreal Engine project with Harvey and Jamie

Digital Art : The Cartoon Club

14th September : The Cartoon Club – starts with a cartoon to music of your choice. Develop both your Scratch graphic art skills and your coding skills to animate your story with Les, Cerne and Susannah. Suitable for those new to Scratch coding. Funded by Meet and Code.

26th October – Christmas : Drawing in Medibang with Cerne & Susannah. Improve your digital art skills using the Medibang art programme.

After Christmas : The Viking Saga, develop a major cartoon with Thorfinn, Cerne and Susannah and Adobe creative software.

Electronics :

16th Nov. : Using a soldering iron on a MadLabs project with Les & James

Joint Sessions :

As they arrive : Code Club and Coder Dojo competitions

7th December : Christmas Competition launch

*Please note : all activities are on-line and dates may change. There are no sessions on 12th or 19th October. Last session of this period is on 21st. December.