Physics Debate Club

NEXT DEBATES : “There is a minimum size a wave can be” proposed by Patrick and opposed by Harvey : Wednesday, 17th March, 7.00 to 8.00 pm.

“There is an equal amount of anti-matter to matter in our universe” proposed by Iftekar and opposed by Douglas : Wednesday 21st April, 7.00 to 8.00 pm.

The Physics Debate Club is an on-line monthly debate Club aimed at young people interested in astronomy, cosmology, physics and maths.

It aims to help young people develop their scientific knowledge and their skills at considering and presenting scientific evidence. It takes the from of a proposer of the motion and someone who counters the motion. Both are expected to debate from the basis of the scientific evidence.

Topics vary and are chosen with input from the members. Debates so far have included a debate on where we would most like to visit in the solar system and “Do multiverses exist?”

We shall encourage you to take part, suggest topics to debate and help you research the topic where appropriate.

Debates take place from 7 to 8.00 pm normally on the third Wednesday of the month. Contact us for details of how to join on

Club leaders are Lesley Ellis and Ruth Crawford.