Shape Robotics Challenge

We are all baking more during lockdown, but with our latest challenge you don’t need the robot. All you need is the Fable Blockly software, which a family member or your ‘nominated baker’ can use to replicate what the Fable robot would do. You will learn which code blocks are important, what to use and how to code a recipe.


  1. Find a recipe for a cake (If you do not have cake ingredients or want to make something else that’s fine too).
  2. Create a plan for your code:
    • First code: My nominated baker has to read the recipe.
    • Second code: They have to find all ingredients.
    • Third code: The baker has to collect all the necessary utensils they need for cooking.
  3. Put together codes that will make your baker bake the cake. You will need the following code blocks:
    • Action
    • Logic
    • LoopsHere you will see examples of blocks used for speed, movement, number of times, etc. Instead, imagine that it is your baker’s movements that you need to code. Remember all the details in the process have to be coded. There are codes available in Fable Blockly that can be used as inspiration to extend your analog code – remember there is a simple and advanced view.
  4. Now take a photo of the cake & eat
  5. Test yourself!
    • Where in the code did it go wrong? What did your baker do wrong and what did you do to correct them?
    • Could you imagine having a robot in your home that could cook for you? What would be the pros and cons?

There was only one prize for this competition, and we did not win it, but the organisers were so impressed with Harvey’s entry that they added in another prize for him. Well done Harvey. To see each entry, click on below:

Harvey’s entry. Click here for the code and review. Awarded runners up prize with organisers commenting “Shape were really impressed with his thought process, coding, presentation and of course cake!”

Fergus’ entry. Click here for the code and review.

Jamie’s entry. Click here for the code and review. (Python programme available email us on

Thorfinn’s entry. Click here for the code and review.