The Cromar Future Group would like to thank its sponsors for their financial support in 2021 :

  • Digital Xtra, Scotland
  • The Jennie S Gordon Foundation
  • Aberdeenshire Council, Youth Opportunities Fund
  • David and June Gordon Foundation
  • The Rotary Club of Aboyne and Upper Deeside
  • Youth Scotland, Rural Action Fund
  • Meet and Code and Charity Digital
  • Tesco local charity scheme

We thank them for their help and in 2022 we have sponsors which include :

  • The Coop local charity scheme
  • Marr Area Committee
  • Rural Communities Ideas into Action fund

Not all support is financial though and we would also like to thank the following who have supported us with outreach activities or in the case of STEM in looking after our PVGs and providing support to our induction training of volunteers :

  • The Robert Gordon University
  • The University of Aberdeen
  • The James Hutton Institute
  • The STEM Ambassadors
  • Robogals
  • Aberdeenshire Council
  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation and its associated CoderDojo and Code Club organisations
  • Heriot Watt University

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