Vex Challenge

This challenge was a fun challenge to draw a picture using a coding language of Vex Robotics. Many thanks to Vex Robotics and Rapid Electronics for organising these challenges.


Use the robot in VEXcode VR to draw an image with the pen tool. You can draw absolutely anything you like – a pattern, a logo, a robot, a self-portrait – it is completely up to you!

  • Launch VEXcode VR in your browser (
  • View the video on this page or visit the VEX Robotics UK YouTube channel for an introduction to the challenge
  • Perfect your code and your drawing
  • Once you are happy, take a screen grab of just the Playground window, not your code at this stage. Make sure you use the top-down view for the best view of your masterpiece. The image can be submitted by a supervising adult, teacher or school account if required
  • Post your picture on Twitter being sure to tag @VEXRoboticsUK@Rapid_Edu and use the hashtag #winwithrapid
  • Save your program from VEXcode VR and email the code to and include your Twitter handle as the email subject line

Congratulations to Ferghus for winning the Under 11 age group with his NHS Heroes. All our entries are shown below :